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Do your research when picking the right occupation

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Main | 0 comments

I was raised by a father that has always been consumed by the dollar. While i do agree that your income does determine how comfortable your life can be, I also believe that a person should not spend so much time making money that they miss out on the enjoyable things in life.

I feel it is possible to find medium ground where you make enough money to survive, and also have enough time left to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I have had many jobs, and some of those jobs required that I work in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. These jobs did pay very well, but took a toll on my health. One of these jobs was so tough that the toll it took on my neck and upper back caused disk degeneration and led to neck pain and dizziness and blurred vision. During my time doing this work I made very good money, but for ten years that followed I was in pain that caused a substantial decrease in my quality of life.

Not only is it important to consider working all the time limits your time that you can enjoy your income, but it is also important to be aware that the kind of work you do can cause damage to your body that will prevent you from being able to enjoy your free time for long periods after the work is done.

I tell young people when I get the chance to think hard about the profession you pick. Do extensive research on the labor requirements, and the hours that they will have to work. Hard labor for long hours at a time can destroy a persons body, and shift work can lead to health problems later in life.

It is very important to get a good college education. Picking an occupation that requires a college degree, and involves moderate physical labor is usually best. You don’t want to sit at a desk for long periods because this can lead to health problems as well. If this is what you choose then make sure you find a way to get some physical activity in after work hours. Choose an occupation that does not require you to work a rotating shift. Either work during the day all the time, or at night all the time. The point is to let your body have a schedule that is consistent.

The occupation that you pick can also have an effect on your spouses health. For a while I had a job that required I work during the night. We had just had a baby, and my wife had to deliver through C-section. Working nights meant that my wife was all along to care for the baby at night all by herself. This is difficult because when you have a C-section delivery you are left with a wound on your midsection that needs time to heal. You can not get up out of bed very easy without risking a tear in that wound. This is exactly what happened with my wife. Luckily we found a baby bed called a Halo Bassinest that is half cosleeper and half bassinet. My wife was able to keep the baby close enough to not have to move from the bed. We did have to decide whether to get the Halo bassinest essentia vs the premier but we made a choice and bought the bed. It was truly a blessing.

The point is when considering a profession try to pick one that is in sync with natural life. Don’t set yourself up for hard times and bad health by choosing a bad line of work because you didn’t do your research. If your going to go to college and invest all that time and money be sure that you take the time to find out what hours you will work, and what kind of work you will be doing.

The perfect occupation in my opinion is one that is performed during the day. It is best to go to work in the morning, and have your afternoons free for fun activities. The number of days you work is important as well, but working 8 hours a day 6 days a week is not so bad. Just keep in mind your body needs time to recover, and money isn’t everything. Find that balance between having money, and having time to enjoy it. Pick a line of work that is physical, but doesn’t wear your body out. Working in odd positions for long hours can damage your back. Trust me I know. Pick a profession that fits this criteria, and get a college degree in it. Start this as early as possible while your body is young, because you will have to work a tough job until you get that degree.

Do a ton of research to find the right profession. If you don’t it can be a mistake that you will live with for a very long time.

Calling For The Help Of A Plumber In Anniston AL To Start Business

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Business Put Together With Help Of Plumber In Anniston AL

Image Credit:

It’s a dream of any Business Management graduate to be able to put up his or her own business. The ones who believe in the “learning by doing” concept think of obtaining work experience first before confidently running his own company. That’s why some fresh graduates immerse themselves in the corporate world, working under big bosses. Such was the case of two friends Jamie and Anna who just resigned from their respective jobs to focus on becoming entrepreneurs.

I knew more of Jamie because she had been a regular customer of our small retail shop. On many times, she would drop by at the shop for small conversations.  I knew from the start that she has been a business-minded person. She often talked about her interest in running her own business. I had known Anna just recently when I met her together with Jamie during a Business Expo event. When I learned about their plans, I was there to cheer for them.

They planned on becoming partners in a furniture business they’re hoping to put up in Anniston through their savings and a bank loan. They’re also planning on creating linkages with few architectural firms and design companies. The search for a perfect place, the business plans and all the necessary permits for an Anniston business are already taken care of.  A few minor repairs in the building and the need to call a plumber to take care of the commercial plumbing are just the remaining concerns then the business is set to go.

Jamie consulted me about skilled people I knew who do construction jobs or do plumbing services. It took me some time to recall the plumbers who worked on the pipe installations on our shop’s commercial building. But I had to recommend one good plumber who saved our day when our house pipe bursted. He was a plumber who did a quality work and had a negotiable service fee.

I have seen how they worked on this dream project. The enthusiasm and energy of these girls seem contagious. It was pleasing in my part doing favors and assisting them in their needs. In some ways, it was a refreshing experience to be working with the younger generation.

I ended up working with the two girls in the setting up process and in the outsourcing of needed people. I enjoyed helping them start up a new business and offering useful tips. Though they were well-prepared for this considering their educational and work background, owning and operating their own business is entirely new for them. And a business partnership is a different kind of story. There are advantages and a set of unique challenges that come with it. Just because they share the same passion for their business doesn’t mean they have the same line of thinking in every choice they have to make. I don’t want to sound too negative to them but it’s a reality that is present in partnerships. These are all parts of the many lessons they need to learn as entrepreneurs. But I believe their deepened friendship, intelligent planning and attitude will put them in a better position to succeed.

Seeking Inspiration For A Business Endeavor

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Sometimes, Strangers Give The Best Advice

Meeting Strangers: The owner of MyWebPal

Image Credit:

According to experts, a restaurant business is a tough thing. In fact, pursuing any business is difficult. However, with a restaurant, It’s a pursuit that bears the pressure of pleasing every customer’s palette, keeping them and staying open around the corner for years. It’s a cold fact that it is a business with high failing rate. I’ve wanted to put up a small restaurant in our town but knowing some facts made me a little bit scared.

To give me a slight push and confidence to take on this risky endeavor, I went to a small convention for first time entrepreneurs and small time businessmen. I wanted to pick up a few tips and tricks from them so that I would have better knowledge about handling a restaurant business.

That was when I met a man named Jon. His business is simple and timely. He owns a website called MyWebPal and a few other sites. He earns by ranking websites of local service companies.

It may seem odd that I found confidence in a man with a different line of business than I plan. However, what was really inspiring about him is his dedication to his business, which he told me, is a very important part. He also said that quitters would never succeed in business because it is only for the brave and strong.

keeping in mind the tips that Jon gave me during our little chitchat at the convention, I finally mustered up the courage to start my own restaurant.

I focused all my energy in making my restaurant succeed. It became a part of me that I knew so well how it went through the good and bad days. It’s been a sturdy place for years now, but it was not immune to a water damage situation that happened a month ago. A broken pipe was to blame for the 3 inches deep water flooding the entire area. I had to stop its operation for days. I thought that I would be saying goodbye to my favorite place. Now, the place is back in shape with some new style restructuring of the place’s interior, thanks again to Jon (though he does not know he has helped me). I remembered checking his website and reading about water damage repair. When the incident happened, I revisited his site and gathered the information I needed to control the situation and not lose my customers.

The restaurant continued offering coffee and good dishes so as my dream of owning a small café lived on. I have come to learn that it’s not the secret ingredients of the best-selling dish that matter most. It was more about loving what you do. It made a lot of sense. One may have the money to start a business, the best planned menu and the most experienced staff. But everything could fail if the owner doesn’t have a heart on it. It’s the love and care for the staff and customers that make a business succeed and thrive through the years.

Guns, Knives & Real Estate in Oxford Alabama

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Guns and Knives: My Pastime

gun show in anniston alabama

I love the South. Notice I capitalize the “S” in South. I do this because I think it is that important.

I don’t get to travel there as much as I’d like to but I am seriously considering moving there. It would save me a lot of money in fuel and trip costs because of all of the Gun and Knife shows that I attend. I love loved guns and knives as long as I can remember. I am so glad my dad enrolled me in Boy Scouts and got me interested in those things.

The link above is for a show that will be in Anniston, Alabama on October 17, which also happens to be my birthday! I have been to Anniston before because they have shows there often. They always have them at the Anniston city meeting center It is an awesome place because it is plenty big. Right next door to there is the old Victoria Inn. They have an awesome lunch there which I’m looking forward to. My friend Dave says they are currently renovating it. I hope they are completed with it by the time the show happens.

Real Estate in Oxford AL

sign of old Oxford alabama college

As far as moving to Oxford (the next town over from Anniston), I have looked into buying a home there. Dave introduced me to Joey Crews. Joey sells a ton of real estate all around Oxford. Dave says he is the go-to guy for anything to do with real estate in Calhoun County. Joey showed me 7 homes for sale in Oxford the last time I was there. There is even some nice luxury real estate in Oxford that I was surprised to see. That’s where I would probably settle since it is so close to the interstate. I will probably have lunch with Joey when I go to the show this month. I’m excited to see what else he has.

The marketing involved in these gun and knife shows are incredible. I talked to Craig Norton, the head of marketing and promotion for VIP Gun Shows, about how they promote them. He said he has a network of over 150 people throughout the country that help in getting the buzz going for their shows. They employ massive ad campaigns that run on TV, radio, the Internet and even billboards. It’s quite an operation they have. Craig said they needed some help in promotion in the north part of Alabama. Oxford seems like quite an attractive place after all.

Having a Successful Career at Philadelphia Dental Arts

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Having a Successful Career at Philadelphia Dental Arts

When you are in college you always have that really close friend. Someone that you always hang out with and try to take many of the same courses with. I had many friends in my college days, but I only had one best friend. We had so much in common. We both always dreamed of having our very own businesses. During college, we both had a ton of ideas of different things we would like to do for a living. Dave was so much smarter than me. He seemed like he had everything already figured out. I always did not have everything figured out. It always seemed like I had a new idea every other week. He pretty much knew already what he wanted and had a plan in place from the get-go.

Many of you who follow me know, that I have a wide variety of ideas on business. I mean there is so many different ways to make a good living these days. I just want all of you to know them all and maybe find the one that fits you. I have succeeded in many business adventures and I have failed. It is like anything in life, you do not know if it will work until you try it out. Dave, on the other hand, had it all lined up and planned out before he ever started his business.Philadelphia Dental Arts have the very best Philadelphia dentist.

After he got his undergrad degree he went on to dental school. I tell you he was multi-talented! He was just a smart person. I always envied him for that. Soon after he got done with dental school he started Philadephia Dental Arts. They have the best Philadephia dentists. He can handle all of your dental needs. They do great work there. Plus he will give you the best prices in the area. He has the business knowledge to help give you the best price. If anyone is cheaper than him, then they are losing money. Plus they do quality work there. It is not one of these places where you get what you pay for if it is cheap. Everyone needs to check him out!


Tips and Tricks to Business

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Being a business owner always can have its pros and cons. I have always been lucky and have worked for myself. I just like to be my own boss you can say. Some people can be there own boss and some people cannot. There comes with many responsibilities when you are a business owner.

When you own your own business you have to be able to work with other people. There is not one person out there that can do everything all by themselves. You will need other people to help you along the way. So being able to work with others means that you will want people to work with you. If your small business has a high turnover rate. I think you may need to look in the mirror for a bit. Do not be that guy that thinks it is always someone elses fault. Be a fair but firm boss.

Also when you work well with others you create a nice working environment. Have you ever worked somewhere and you could just feel the tension in the air all the time? I know I have many times. There have been many studies done that show a pleasant work environment mean higher production. You want all your employees happy so they will work harder, better, and more efficient. As a business owner this should be one of your top goals.

One thing about owning your own business is that you are in charge of the finances. Some people can handle the pressure. While some hire others to handle it for them. I know back in 2008 I had to hire some help. I could not get people to pay their bills. So I was in search of commercial collection agency. I found the collection law firm. I am so happy that I did too. They were able to help me get my money and they did it fast too. Plus they were really easy to work with.

If you can work well with others. If you can create a pleasant work environment. I know that you going in the right direction of having a wonderful business. Now I know there is much more to running a business. Try not being having any of these qualities. Then tell me how your business is doing.

Investing in Opening a Coffee Shop with an Anniston Criminal Lawyer as my Partner

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Business Minded Anniston Criminal Lawyer

This week, I was really searching for what type of business I should have. I thought about something that would become a trend. And during that time when I was pondering, I was actually drinking coffee from Starbucks which really gave me the idea that everyone who works and thinks loves coffee. Must be one reason why this coffee shop was so successful, extremely successful that they are already worldwide.

So, I search the internet all about it so I can start as soon as possible. There was this one site – (256) 239-3155 that has a specific lawyer named Michael which is saw posting on craigslist was also really into business. What’s great about it is that he too loves to have a coffee shop, just what are the odds, right?

Investing in Opening a Coffee Shop with an Anniston Criminal Lawyer as my Partner

Image Credit:

So I decided to contact him and asked him if we could meet and discuss plans about opening a new coffee shop business. During out meeting, he opened a great idea that we will be targeting lawyers, specifically criminal lawyers as they are the type who needs a double dose of coffee before and after a defense, he said.

This Anniston criminal lawyer has actually thought this over so well that I just have to listen and agree if I would invest. Of course with my expertise in the business world, I unquestionably accepted his offer. The great thing when your partner is a lawyer is that you no longer need to do a lot of paper works and information about the law, since he already knows everything. So the only thing that I assume will be doing is the one managing the business.

This was a really sound and safe plan, we already even got a great spot for the shop which will be near a very busy court. My idea to get a lot of people coming over is that I’d start with an opening promo and provide a discount to everyone having a case. And special offers to lawyers which are really just nearby the spot, about a 2-minute walk from their office and from the court.

Well, even might considering a free morning cup for the judge to speed up the process of having a great reputation. Next problem for me would be hiring a great barista. One who already has experience is the best guy in my opinion. Why experience is the key people might ask, first of all no more hard training week, second knows already what to do. This means no more all day supervision and allows me to focus more on marketing rather than being there all day just to check on our customer’s satisfaction.

Business is a lot easier actually when you have good people, reliable people, and a great partner. So for those who wants to invest, make sure that you do a lot of research and always be open to the possibility of having another head.

The Basics To Being More Productive At Work

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The Basics To Being More Productive At Work

There is no best way to boost your productivity at work. Different techniques work for different individuals when it comes to enhancing efficiency and output, but there are some fundamentals that apply to everyone. Here are two steps that, from my own experience, are pivotal in helping you break out of your sluggish work routine and step up your productivity.

Change Your Way Of Thinking

deep thinking


Productive people have a different style of thinking compared to others. You must challenge your own thought and foster a productive mindset. How is a productive mindset different from the ordinary you ask – here is an illustration:

A productive individual will NOT think this way:

  • Oh no, there’s so much work to do. What will I do?
  • I’m too stressed, I’m unable to think properly.
  • I’m terribly overwhelmed. I wish for a miracle to save me.

Instead, this is how they’ll think:

  • I must get a, b and c done within the week. What is the optimum way of accomplishing this?
  • What is causing me stress, what must I change in order to start feeling better?
  • How can I improve my situation given the current conditions?

The way you think in your head can either empower you or bring you down, it will either make you feel better about everything or it will enhance your depression. The words you use are crucial for all that you do in your life since you will act on them regardless of whether they are in your favor or not.

Identify the Activities That Take Up Your Time



All of us have our own time thieves, but they normally escape our notice, or we purposefully overlook them. If you can identify and acknowledge your chief time thieves i.e. the situations or activities which throw you off your purpose, interrupt or distract your, or hinder your performance, you will notice a drastic improvement in your work output.

There is a direct connection between what you do and what your reality is. If you continue to try out various study techniques without getting rid of your time thieves, you’ll note that your efforts won’t bear any fruit. Start by tackling a single time management issue and you’ll notice an immediate positive change in your results. It will also fuel you to get rid of other unnecessary time consumers as you see the tangible benefits of getting rid of just one.

Decide on one habit, which if you get rid of promptly, would have a huge impact on your productivity. Write down this habit, identify its underlying causes / contributors, and also what your solution to it is. You’ll have to put your results before comfort if you want to fly high.

Take Time To Recharge

Having said all that, I would also like to point out that sometimes our productive slump is because of the brain and body becoming overworked and/or overstressed. If this is the case, you won’t be able to get much work done without taking a well-deserved break to recharge your brain cells!

Getting Back on the Right Track As A Nashville SEO Expert

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Rebel Teen Turn Nashville SEO Expert, Thanks To Second Chances

It is during the adolescent years that teenagers almost always begin to be rebellious. When they reach this stage, they often go into a trial-and-error phase wherein they try different things that sometimes let them end up on the wrong side. After experiencing the struggles and the failures, it is important the young adult finds his or her way back to the right track.

It is for this purpose that job opportunities should not close their doors on young adults who wish to start anew. They should be thankful that they are still able to come back to their senses and pick up after themselves by targeting to work decently.

The problem is, a lot of companies shut their eyes whenever young applicants come with shady histories and past struggles. They fear that hiring such young adults would only cause trouble.

This was the problem of Michael, a young lad from Nashville who lost his way at a younger age and one day woke up and saw the life he was throwing away. He fixed himself up and started applying for jobs across the place. However, it took him months before he was able to convince a company to give him the chance to work and renew his life.

When companies deprive these young individuals the chance to make up for their mistakes, they are only pushing them to go back to doing the wrong. As people in power and position, companies should encourage the younger generation to reach out to a life of betterment, and not push them back to sink holes they are desperately trying to escape.

Nashville SEO Expert In A Lecture

Image Credit:

For Michael, a team of Nashville SEO experts gave him that chance. The company is making a name as the best in handling SEO related concerns of various clients. They only hire experts when it comes to their line of business so that their high standard and quality is always achieved. Hence, since Michael was starting fresh, they offered him crash courses and training classes so that he will not only be able to learn how to get the job done, he will also understand the importance of their jobs for the clients and businesses that need their help in boosting publicity and sales.

Now, Michael is almost finished with his skills training and soon enough he will be respected and praised for great efforts and for making a comeback from the downfall he was having. As a matter of fact, another SEO company, Horton Group (+1 800-383-8283), is already trying to pirate Michael into joining them instead. Of course, Michael knows that he should not betray the people that gave him the second chance. Horton would not even be interested in him, if not for them.

Second chances should always be given to people, especially to the young. They are still in their prime and they are the future generation. It is the adult’s responsibility to ensure that they will not be put to waste. Young people show impressive skills and talents that will be very useful for every type of business and company. No matter what their past may have, the important thing is that they get the chance to have a brighter future.

Tips on How to Sell your Wines

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Image Credit:

Image Credit:

If you are in the wine industry, or you plan to enter business in wine selling, it would help a lot if you know how to market your wines with ease and competence.

One good thing about selling wine is that you are selling products that actually taste better when they are sealed longer. Hence, you do not need to worry about spoiled wine, unless of course you missed out on checking if the wines you are selling were properly sealed. However, wines are fragile products, so you have to design your shop in such a way that your wines will be safely displayed.

The tricky part of this business lies in the marketing of the products. You do not see a lot of wine sellers promote their own wine shop. Usually, it is the brand of the wine that people look for, regardless of where they buy it. So how do you market people to buy in your own shop?

As mentioned, it is a plus if you stock up on branded wines. Since they are well advertised, you can be sure that people will come to buy them. Also, the quality of these products is surely good.

Aside from focusing on the wines you sell, it is also advisable to make your wine shop look appealing and neat. It should look classy and not some cheap looking wine shop. This way, you can attract customers who can actually pay for your pricey wines, and not just some lowly drunkard who is looking for cheap wine to gulp on.

While you are sold to making your place look neat, it will also be a great factor if you yourself look neat and healthy. Wine promotes good health as well and it is not known to make anyone fat or stressed out or just plainly unhealthy in general. I maintain a healthy figure in order to assure my customers that I am selling very healthy wines. The point of it all is to look pleasing for your customers. Wine selling is not a cheap business and wine drinkers are usually high profile individuals. To cater to them means to be prim and proper.

Lastly, know your wines. If a wine lover comes in and asks you for something vintage, yet you offer something that the customer knows is not vintage wine, you will be insulting your costumer and you will lose them. Do not rely on people to just mention a brand because sometimes they want to know the best wines you have. And if you do not know for yourself what you are selling, then you better start thinking twice about the type of business you really want to pursue.